TEMU will be available here for download.

Packages are provided that can be installed with your operating system's standard package manager. The .sig file is a PGP signature of the release. This signature can be verified with e.g. GnuPG. The fingerprint of the release key is: BB41 60CF 9048 79C3 FC48 DDF0 5EE9 DFE1 366B 7E86 and can be downloaded here.

The right to use the software is predicated on the acceptance of a license agreement and the availability of a license key. The following licenses are available at the moment:

Note that you need a license key in order to launch the emulator. Also, the emulator is bundled with third party software (including software libraries). This (third-party) software is provided under separate license agreements and these agreements are assumed to be accepted when the user accepts the TEMU license. For a list of the third party software and their agreemets, please view this file

The software is provided in two versions, the release version is an optimised build without internal debugging output and without asserts. This build is intended for deployment. The release+asserts variant is an (optimised) build intended for software development (development of simulators, models etc). It generates additional debugging output to help you as a developer troubleshoot issues and it enables internal asserts that should help out detecting many issues with API usage as well.

To download obsolete releases, visit the download archive.

TEMU is known to work on most Linux distributisons supporting C++11 or later. These include Debian 7 (and later, RHEL7 and later and SLES12 (and later).

TEMU 2.2.1

T-EMU 2.1.0

  • Released: 2015-11-12
  • Release Notes
  • Generic Linux
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.deb: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.deb: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
  • SLES11 Linux
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64: .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64: .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig

T-EMU 2.0.2

  • Released: 2015-09-03
  • Release Notes
  • Generic Linux
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.deb: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.deb: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
  • SLES11 Linux
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64: .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64: .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig

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