DMA Access Emulation

To emulate DMA, the standard approach is as follows:

  1. When DMA transaction starts, the whole data block is copied and the estimated time is computed and an event is posted at the end of transaction time.

  2. When the transaction event is called, the event handler raises an interrupt.

Transferring all the data when posting the event is preferred over transferring it in the event handler. This way data may be sourced from the stack without problems, if data must be copied to memory at the event time, then a buffer must be allocated on the heap for this purpose.

The following example illustrates emulation of DMA transactions:

DMA Emulation Example
dmaFinished(void *Sender, void *Data)
  MyDevice *Dev = (MyDevice*)Sender;
  Dev->IrqCtrl.Iface->raiseInterrupt(Dev->IrqCtrl.Obj, 1);

dmaStart(MyDevice *Dev)
  uint64_t TransactionTime = MyDevice->DmaSize * NsPerByte;
  Dev->Mem.Iface->writeBytes(Dev->Mem.Obj, Dev->DmaAddr, Dev->DmaSize,
                             Dev->TransactionData, 2);
  Dev->Queue.Iface->postDeltaEvent(Dev->Queue.Obj, dmaFinished, Dev, NULL,
                                   TransactionTime, TEMU_EVENT_NS);